Program Schedule

Boundle and alveolar bone

9h:00m - 10h:00m

Mucogingival approach during implant placement

> dental vs periodontal reasons for tooth extraction

10h:00m - 11h:00m

Mucogingival approach and delayed implant placement 

11h:00m - 12h:00m

Lunch (Big Coffee Break)

12h:00m - 13h:00m

Mucogingival approach in combination with immediate post extraction implant placement and immediate loading

13h:00m - 14h:30m

Mucogingival surgery for soft tissue dehiscence coverage around implants

14h:30m - 15h:45m


15h:45m - 16h:00m

Live surgery

16h:00m - 18h:00m




EUROPARQUE, Rua Interior do Europarque
4520-153 Santa Maria da Feira

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