David Gonzalez


David Gonzalez


Dr. David González obtained his Ph.D degree (Doctor in Odontology) at the University Complutense of Madrid achieving a qualification of “Summa cum Laude” presenting the Doctoral Thesis “Risk Factors of Periodontal Disease” 1.999.

Dr. David González studied a 3-year full time postgraduate program in Periodontology at the University Complutense of Madrid (directed by Dr. Mariano Sanz) 1.996-1.999. He also completed his studies regarding Dental Implants with a Specialty in Osseointegration at the University Complutense of Madrid (also directed by Dr. Mariano Sanz) 1.999-2.000.

Dr. David Gonzalez is the only spanish dentist who has given an 8-hour course along with Prof. Jan Lindhe (2.009), another 8-hour course along with Prof. Thor Berglundh (2.012) and a 16-hour course with Dr. Otto Zuhr (2.017).

Dr. David Gonzalez is a Specialist Member of the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration since 2.000 and European Federation of Periodontology. He has presented communications in the most important Periodontology Congresses (Europerio III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII) and several EAO congresses.

He was a Profesor in the General Dental Council of Spain from 2.004 through 2.012 and has given 12-hour courses regarding Periodontology and Implantology in all main cities of Spain. He has also given lectures in Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Wales, Scotland and the USA.

Dr. David González received the Prize for Best Course of the Year 2.010 by the Dental Council of Aragon, Spain. He also won the Prize for Best Communication in the Annual meeting of the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration in 2.007.

Dr. Gonzalez is a visiting profesor of the postgraduate program of Periodontology in the University of Barcelona (2.003-currently).

He has publications in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, The International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and in the Clinical Oral Implants Research.

He has more than 40 publications in Spanish language and 8 as 1º author in the Journal of the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration, which is the journal with the highest impact factor in the Spanish language world.

Dr. David Gonzalez has been in constant education studying monographic courses related to Bone Regeneration, Periodontal Regeneration, Periodontal plastic surgery and Esthetic Implant Dentistry with Prof. Fouad Khoury (Germany), Prof. Daniel Buser (Switzerland), Prof. Pierpaolo Cortellini (Italy), Prof. Sascha Jovanovic (USA), Dr. Edward Allen (USA), Dr. Wilcko (USA), Prof. Wennstrom , Berglund and Lindhe (Sweden).

Since 2.005 Dr. David González runs a private practice dedicated exclusively to Periodontology and Implantology in Murcia, Spain (Clínica OrtoPerio).

Title of the conferences:

  • Immediate implants. All indications from intact sockets to absence of buccal bone wall.
  • Simultaneous Guided Bone Regeneration: Use of membranes and bone grafts.
  • 3D Bone Regeneration: Fundamentals, Indications and surgical techniques Step by Step.
  • Treatment of biological and esthetic failures on the Esthetic zone.


Surgical techniques for placement of immediate implants. All indications from intact sockets to absence of buccal bone wall.

Use of membranes and bone grafts for simultaneous Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).

3D Bone Regeneration.

The implant treatment on the esthetic zone aims healthy, functional and also esthetic results. In order to obtain an esthetic result is mandatory that the implants are placed in optimal 3D position and  completely surrounded by  healthy bone.

A harmonious and healthy status of the soft tissues is also a pre-requisite of an esthetic result.

Due to the alveolar ridge destruction caused by trauma and dental or implant infections, bone availability often is not ideal to obtain a good esthetic result.  In order to treat predictably such cases there are surgical techniques that allow a complete 3D reconstruction of the alveolar ridge. However, if an optimal esthetic result is searched periodontal plastic techniques have to be also performed.

When an implant is malpositioned on the Esthetic Zone, it is more susceptible to develop biological (periimplantitis) and esthetic failures. If a malpositioned implant is infected, that implant should not be treated, since although bone can be regenerated, the new bone is highly susceptible to new bone resorption because an important part of the ethiology of the problem is the wrong implant position (specially to labial and too deep) which avoids the bone maintenance. In such cases, extraction of the implant and 3D bone regeneration of the resulting defect is desirable in order to place a new implant in optimal 3D position so a highly esthetic restoration may be placed.

All these topics will be addressed on this course.


Propose a rationale and a protocol to have predictability on immediate implants.

Teach indications and Step-by-Step description of 3D Bone Regeneration Techniques: GBR using PTFE and Ti reinforced membranes and Khoury´s Technique.

Explain the rational and regenerative techniques to treat esthetic and biological implant failure on the Esthetic Zone.

All session by David Gonzalez

Boundle and alveolar bone

9h:00m - 10h:00m

Mucogingival approach during implant placement

> dental vs periodontal reasons for tooth extraction

10h:00m - 11h:00m

Mucogingival approach and delayed implant placement 

11h:00m - 12h:00m

Lunch (Big Coffee Break)

12h:00m - 13h:00m

Mucogingival approach in combination with immediate post extraction implant placement and immediate loading

13h:00m - 14h:30m

Mucogingival surgery for soft tissue dehiscence coverage around implants

14h:30m - 15h:45m


15h:45m - 16h:00m

Live surgery

16h:00m - 18h:00m

Ronald Jung

Esthetic zone: decisions and timing

09h - 10h:30m

Coffee Break

10h:30m - 11h

Ronald Jung

Esthetic zone: decisions and timing

11h - 12h:30m

Open Ceremony

12h15m - 12h40m

Lunch / Expo-Regeneration

12:30 AM

Ronald Jung

Esthetic zone: decisions and timing

13h:30m - 15h:15m

Coffee Break

15h:15m - 16h

Ronald Jung

Esthetic zone: decisions and timing

16h - 18h


> WS ARTA Ronald JUNG HANDS-ON (Garden Hall)

18h - 20h/20h:30m

Business Workshops

> WS OSSTEM: “Easy Split & Expansion at Narrow Ridge" (Support Hall 1)
> WS BTI: ENDORET Technology (Support Hall 2)

18h - 20h/20h:30m
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