Boris Bernatskiy


Boris Bernatskiy


1995 – graduated cum laude from the National Medical University of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1995 – 1997 – residency in oral surgery and prosthetic dentistry

1997 – moved to Israel

1998 – postgraduate diploma in maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1998 – 2004 – worked as an army surgeon in Israeli Defense Forces

2004 – moved to Moscow upon invitation of one of the biggest Medical centres.

2013 – private practice in Moscow (Q. Nella clinic)

An author of several surgical techniques (modified IDR technique, modified GBR technique – “sausage on a frame”, donor site suturing technique).

Published several articles in Russian professional journals.

Field of professional interest: immediate dentoalveolar reconstruction (modified technique), GBR with CAD/CAM membranes, complications management, implant-borne rehabilitation, aesthetic implant dentistry, hard and soft tissue augmentation.

3D defects reconstruction of alveolar ridge on the CAD/CAM frame ( Sausage on the frame )

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